Web3 Privacy Made Possible
Ruby protocol is a private data management framework for Web 3.0.
It proposes and implements a privacy middle-layer interacting with multi-chain. It is a fine-grained private data access-control gateway across different entities and organizations both in the decentralized and traditional financial world. Built on functional encryption, Ruby protocol will be the true embodiment of the decentralization spirit of the cryptocurrency movement.
All the encrypted data will be stored in a decentralized cloud such as IPFS. Decentralized functional encryption will be adopted to satisfy the users’ privacy needs. Moreover, our policy management layer will make sure the design of the underlying attribute and policy universe is well-tuned to the regulatory compliance requirement.
Ruby will also design and implement a private payment scheme specifically tailored for the monetization of private data. Ruby protocol is not only the next-generation privacy protocol for Web 3.0 in a multi-chain world but is also ready to open a brand-new chapter for regulation compliant decentralized financial service.
There is no official public sale or listing for Ruby Protocol. Please be aware of scam or fraud, and report to Ruby Labs.
Last modified 1yr ago